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  • Super Summer, los cursos de verano de El Centro Británico

    Este verano, en El Centro Británico ofrecemos cursos para bebés desde los 6 meses, intensivos para niños, jóvenes y adultos, cursos de preparación de exámenes de Cambridge tanto generales como específicos en áreas como business, jurídico, médico y para profesores, y  cursos en el extranjero. Una variada oferta para todos los niveles y edades con una meta, conseguir los objetivos de cada alumno.

  • The Birth of the Easter Egg

    When it comes to Easter there is one thing that always comes to mind; chocolate. Whether it be milk, dark, white or a creamy, marbled mix of all three we all love nibbling on a square, gobbling a bar or scoffing down an entire multi-pack in an uncontrolled binge.

    However, at Easter the traditional, conventional form of chocolate takes on a whole new shape, evolving into the familiar, elongated sphere we have all come to celebrate; the beloved Easter Egg.  But who invented the first chocolate Easter Egg and how did they become so popular?

  • Galician Football: Past and Present

    As anyone who knows me can tell you, I’m a huge football fan. Whether it’s going to games, watching on TV or even just following updates online, football is one of my passions. So naturally, living in the same country as two of the biggest clubs and some of the best players in the world would seem like the ideal scenario. But there’s so much more to Spanish football than just Barcelona and Real Madrid, and there’s plenty of entertainment to be found in Galicia.

    I first became aware of Deportivo La Coruña in the early 2000s when they won both the Spanish league and cup and enjoyed a number of successful seasons in the Champions League, including victories over Manchester United, Juventus and AC Milan among others. Their stylish attacking football and blue and white striped shirts reminded me of my own team, Coleraine (well the shirts did anyway) and over the years, I always kept an eye out for their results. However, the glory days have long since faded and fans turning up at the Estadio Riazor these days can expect to see a side which has bounced between the first and second divisions in the last few years and is currently fighting to avoid relegation. If Depor are ever to return to their glory days, then not slipping through the trapdoor to La Segunda for the third time in five years is essential.

  • Spring Writing Competition Winner

    Congratulations Patricia Outes- you are the winner of the writing competition!

    “Hello Spring”

    Hello! My name is spring! I am sure you already know me- I am famous all over the world.

    I create a very peculiar effect on people, flowers and animals. Some people love me and others hate me. When I arrive, some fall in love, some are happier than normal and others spend most of their time sneezing…achoo! achoo!

    Nature says that when I arrive the party commences. A party of lively colours with a green background- I am a natural life painter. The flowers finally wake up giving us a spectacle of colours and scents. It is wonderful!

    The sun is my friend. I love walking around with him, sometimes we sit by the river to eat an ice-cream while we count butterflies. I am also a friend of the light rain- I always step in the puddles after it rains. It’s really fun! Meanwhile, Mr. Rainbow laughs at me.

    I like flying with the birds, who always tell me amazing stories about their winter trips. The funniest are the little forest animals who wake up in the morning and go out to play together. I love looking at them- they’re so full of energy!