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  • A Walk for each Season

    Galicia is a wonderful place to go for a stroll in the countryside. Wherever you go, you will find a footpath that disappears into the woods. Follow it and you never know where you will end up. All you need is a comfortable pair of walking boots, a waterproof jacket and a rucksack to carry some water and a snack.

    I’m going to describe some of the walks I’ve been on in the last few years and I’ll recommend a couple for each season. I’ll start with the autumn, or as Americans call it, ‘the fall’, as this is when the leaves fall from the trees. I would recommend a walk in the River Sil gorge in Ourense, or a hike along the Eume river, ending at the monastery of Caaveiro. If you prefer a coastal setting, why not follow the footpath from Arou on the Costa da Morte to the lighthouse at Cabo Vilán? On the way you will see some spectacular scenery and also the English cemetery, where the sailors from the British ship, ‘The Serpent’- which sank in 1890- are buried.

    The shorter days and likelihood of poor weather mean a short walk is a good idea in the winter. Two that I would recommend in the local area are the Mill route in Riamonte, Ames and the path from Tapia to Ponte Maceira, where you can enjoy a beer on the terrace overlooking the River Tambre after your hike.

  • Thank goodness for Christmas shopping! Thanksgiving: Then and Now

    The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. And although many people still have to work the next day, you could say that it’s the only ‘puente’ that we have in the whole calendar year. For many families it rivals Christmas in terms of importance. So why do we spend hours cooking, watching American football and subsequently stuffing ourselves with tryptophan?

    The first Thanksgiving feast was in 1621. When the pilgrims (you know? Pilgrims, like the ones in Santiago) first settled at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, they were not well-prepared to farm, hunt or fish in their new home, so they elicited help from the Native Americans. At the end of the first growing season, with the help of the Native Americans, they harvested their crops and they all enjoyed a big meal together, which lasted three days. The new Americans wanted to give thanks to their native friends for all of their help.

    Celebra esta Navidad con ‘Jingle Bell Jolly' en El Centro Británico


    Un año más El Centro Británico celebra la Navidad con todos sus alumnos, los más pequeños conocerán a Papá Noel y los adultos podrán disfrutar de ‘Jingle Bell Jolly', un programa variado de actividades en las que practicar inglés de forma divertida y entretenida.

    Nuestros centros acogerán este programa para adultos los siguientes días:

    Santiago: 16 y 17 de diciembre a partir de las 20.00 h.

    Milladoiro: 16 y 17 de diciembre a partir de las 20.00 h.

    Bertamiráns: 16 y 17 de diciembre a las 20.30 h.

    ¡Ya podéis anotaros en recepción o llamando al 981597490 y disfrutar de la Navidad en El Centro Británico!

  • ¿En qué va a cambiar el Advanced Certificate para 2015?

    Cambridge English Language Assessment va a realizar cambios en sus exámenes de CAE para el próximo año, y comenzará a aplicarlos en la convocatoria de enero de 2015. Los cambios afectarán principalmente al diseño, extensión y tiempo de los mismos. Hasta ahora el Reading y el Use of English, eran presentados independientemente en dos seccionpes, a partir de enero se fusionarán por lo que se reducirá su extensión a una parte. En cuanto a su duración, el nuevo examen del Advanced Certificate durará 45 minutos menos que en su versión actual.

    Estas revisiones y actualizaciones periódicas que Cambridge English Language Assessment realiza de sus exámenes buscan garantizar su calidad y fiabilidad.

    Partes del CAE:

    Reading and Use of English (PAPER 1): 1 hora y 30 minutos

    Desaparecerán algunos ejercicios en ambas partes (Reading y Use of English) como los textos cortos y las frases a completar con la misma palabra.

    Writing (PAPER 2): 1 hora y 30 minutos